Concept design to be adapted for multiple uses such as posters/print, website/monitor, and mobile/social media. These examples are for Stone Age Climbing Gym. To reach customers multiple platforms had to be used. I had to create variations of one message to not only be repetitive to the customer if they were to see more than one but also be eye-catching and informative.

web design

New Mexico History; State Record Center and Archives needed an updated website to bring easy navigation to the viewer but to also be appealing and attractive to the younger viewer that uses this site for school research and projects. The client wanted a fresh look that could encompass the many different facets of archives and history. newmexicohistory.org

Logo design

Creating logos for businesses or friends is a favorite of mine. I go through a long questionnaire process to ensure everyone is on the same page. The most successful logos that are unique and clever are done with many iterations and feedback. Some of the following logos are done with a tight budget and time frame others are done with more time.

cd cover design

Working with a musician and being able to create an image that embodied not only her music but how she felt on her journey was an absolute favorite of mine. I worked in watercolor to draw and paint her unique imagery then uploaded it into Photoshop to finesse the layout incorporate more elements.

master’s degree experience map

To finish up my master’s degree at Full Sail University, we were instructed to explain our experience with design. This was my favorite project. Not only is it a layout with elements and type but it is from my heart and memory utilizing the skills I learned throughout my degree.